Running Up For Air

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We're gonna just cut to the chase here.  We are hosting Running Up for Air and actually running up for air ourselves for a couple of very simple reasons. And we'd love to have you join us - March 31.  

First, we believe it's important.  As runners - as humans really, humans who run - fresh air is certainly vital to our having a good running experience.  Heck, it's critical to life - for all of us, runners or not. So doing something that promotes awareness of the issues surrounding air quality and helps raise a little green to support clean air work matters.  

Second, we honestly believe we can make a difference.  Albeit in varying degrees, all of us who live here contribute individually to our brown cloud - driving around, using electricity, etc.  Of course, we can also each take our individual steps to reduce our impact - drive less, turn lights off when we're not in the room, turn the thermostat down. But we can also, as both individuals and a group, make a difference by doing our bit to draw attention to the issue and do something to make it better.  The more of us that Run Up for Air, the bigger the statement we make collectively.

Third, we've seen how RUFA has grown in Utah, from a couple of dedicated runners 5 years ago to nearly 200 this year, taking a stand and putting in some seriously hard work to support cleaner air along the Wasatch Front in Utah.  We'd like to think we can do that same thing here - harness the dedication and commitment of our population of trail runners to accomplish something really good.  

Fourth, we think this is something we should do, both as members of the front range community and as runners who depend on good air to optimize our running experience.  Of course, the running bit isn't really the big thing - in some ways that piece might even be considered trivial.  But we are part of those communities and we think it makes a ton of sense for us and that community to take a stand.  Or in this case, take a run. 

Running Up for Air - Colorado:  March 31, 2018.

Philip Snyder